His childhood and youth

Bouts Bernard was born on December 2nd, 1909 at number 6 Edouard de la Boulet square, in Versailles, France. It was around the end o f the seventeenth century or the beginning of the next century that one of his ancestors emigrated from Flanders to France. This remote flamingo great-grandfather generated everyone who carries that name on French soil. Among his ancestors are the painter Thierry Bouts who became famous.

He was only nine years old when his father, Maurice Bouts, moved to Brittany. It was there that he did his humanity studies and the starting point of his attraction to the sea as well.

The decisive years of his studies were spent in France. In 1929, at the age of twenty, he began a course with Henri Charlier. From him until 1939 he acquired the basic principles he considered important for his artistic training on the quality and significance of forms and colours, on the abolition of chiaroscuro and the third dimension, as well as what concerns the adoption of a free rhythm. These are the principles that have accompanied the rest of his life, and were immortalized in his work.

Due to the tragic events of the Second World War, Bernard Bouts was forced to leave France in 1942. Then he went to Argentina with his wife and two young children. They lived there for two long decades. He continued to paint, although he made few exhibitions in Buenos Aires. The first one took place in 1943 and the second eight years later, in 1951, in the "Wildenstein Gallery" of Buenos Aires. Throughout this period, Bouts had the opportunity to travel to other countries in South America where he found a rich variety of shapes and colours.

> the artist

casa onde nasceu
House where Bernard
was born in 1909.

com a família
With his sister and
brothers in 1914.

em 1925
In wild camping
in 1925.